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"Extremely athletic and meticulously academic- characteristics that we don't expect to always together; but that's the best way to describe Lex. With his deep knowledge about the workings of the human machine, and really understanding and personalizing a workout routine, Lex has made my fitness journey super enjoyable. And more importantly - injury free. I would recommend Lex to anyone looking to get fitter or simply unlock their next level of strength."

Divy Kishor Tiwary


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Get Strong, Move Well & Be Pain Free

With all the fitness fads out there, it can be hard to know what to do. We seek to the be the voice of reason helping our clients change their lifestyle for long term success. We approach fitness, weightloss, injury prevention and rehab with a science based approach.  


Exercise is one of the best treament for improving the general quality of life. It helps with chronic pain in the lower back, shoulder, hips and knees. Exercise paired with a sensible diet can also help you to lose weight and drop your body fat.
Training should be well thought out, effective and it has to be fun and interesting. We use various disciplines to help you achieve your goals. Such as calisthenics, strength training, metabolic conditioning, animal locomotion and even Olympic lifting. Helping you unlock whatever fitness and health goals you desire!

- Lex Chan


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